Nissan Wheel Alignment Service in Elizabethtown, KY

We recommend that you have your wheels aligned regularly, and we can help at Swope Nissan.

Wheel Alignment Service at Swope Nissan in Elizabethtown, KY

When your Nissan Altima®, Nissan Murano®, or Nissan Titan® first rolled off the assembly line, Nissan engineers had ensured that its wheels were perfectly aligned to provide control, safety, comfort, and longevity. However, the wheels don’t stay aligned; daily driving is fraught with tiny jolts, bumps, and more, which can slowly knock the wheels out of alignment. We recommend that you have your wheels aligned regularly, and we can help at Swope Nissan near Radcliff, Kentucky. Learn more about our wheel alignment services on this page; then, come to Swope Nissan for service

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

The wheels on your Nissan Kicks® or Nissan Frontier® may give you signs that they are not properly aligned. If your vehicle pulls to the side when you drive, or if the steering wheel is off-center, it may be due to misaligned wheels. However, a lack of alignment doesn’t always show obvious symptoms; sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if there are alignment problems. This is why we recommend having your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked at least once a year at Swope Nissan near Cecelia, Kentucky. Failure to do this may lead to another of the symptoms of misaligned wheels: unevenly worn tire treads. If things get this far, you’ll have to deal with replacing tires as well as getting a wheel alignment!


What Happens During Wheel Alignment

When you come to Swope Nissan for a wheel alignment, our technicians will inspect the camber, toe, and caster angles of the wheels they’re inspecting; they’ll also take a look at the suspension elements. If they find that any of the angles need to be adjusted, they’ll use precision tools to bring your wheels back into alignment.


Two-Wheel Alignment vs. All-Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle has a solid rear axle, it may only need to have a front-end alignment, also known as a two-wheel alignment. However, vehicles with an independent or semi-independent rear suspension generally require all-wheel alignment. Whichever one your Nissan needs, the technicians at Swope Nissan will be glad to handle it.

Nissan Wheel Alignment Services

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When you’re ready to bring your Nissan in for wheel alignment near Vine Grove, Kentucky, you can schedule service at Swope Nissan. In addition to having OEM parts and certified technicians, we also have a comfortable waiting area. You can make an appointment here online or by giving us a call. Then, come to ​​Swope Nissan in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.


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